Emergency Services

Whether you've experienced a minor injury, a major accident or a sudden illness, Touchette Regional Hospital's Emergency Care team is available 24 hours a day to provide you with fast, quality, compassionate treatment.

Our newly renovated Emergency Department offers the latest technology and room enhancements to deliver the ultimate in care and comfort. In addition, with on-site laboratory, radiology and surgical services, we can diagnose and treat your condition faster to get you on the road to recovery sooner.

Discover why 17,000 patients each year turn to Touchette in times of an emergency.

ER Features and Amenities

  • The ability to treat serious and chronic conditions, from cardiac emergencies to life-threatening injuries
  • Bedside registration and electronic medical records reduce waiting and speed up discharge times
  • Staffed at all times with ER physicians, emergency care nurses and other practitioners
  • 24-hour access to hospital inpatient services
  • 12 private patient rooms featuring in-room TVs and climate control
  • Two Behavioral Health rooms ensure the ultimate in safety for patients suffering from mental health concerns

Your Guide to Emergency Care

Facing an emergency can be a hectic and frightening time. Touchette wants to make your visit as comfortable as possible and wants you to know what to expect if the unexpected arises.

In 2014, Touchette Regional Hospital was named the "Safest Hospital in Illinois" by Consumer Reports. Our ER reflects this dedication to excellence, focusing on your safety from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave for home.

For more information, contact the Emergency Department at 618-332-5481.