Emergency Services - What to Expect at the ER


When you arrive in our Emergency Department, you'll be seen first by our Triage Nurse. Triage sets the priority of patients that will be treated based on their injury or illness. That means someone with a more critical condition may be taken into the treatment area before you, even if they arrive after you.

If you should feel worse while you're waiting, please tell the Triage Nurse or Charge Nurse.


When a treatment room becomes available, you'll be escorted by an ER staff member to the designated area. You'll then by examined by an emergency physician. Depending on your diagnosis, you may be treated in the room, admitted to the hospital for further care, or discharged from the Emergency Department.
For the privacy of our patients, only one or two visitors may be with you in the treatment area. Other visitors may remain in the waiting area.


If you are not admitted the hospital, you will be discharged from the Emergency Department. It's important for you to take the time to read any instructions and ask questions so you feel comfortable with your health plan.
We encourage you to follow up with your physician, and if you don't have one, a physician referral will be provided to you. If you do not feel better before you see your physician, return to the Emergency Department.

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For more information, contact the Emergency Department at 618-332-5481.