New Vision Service at Touchette Regional Hospital

The use and abuse of alcohol and/ or other chemicals can disrupt a person's life in many ways. Loss of job, breakup of marriages and families, loss of self-esteem, and even loss of life can result from the continued abuse of substances without proper treatment. However, with stabilization, and an ongoing desire to remain free of the burden of substance use, many individuals can resume and maintain healthy lifestyles.

  • NEW VISIONTM is a medical stabilization service for people with drug, alcohol and health related issues.
  • NEW VISIONTM accepts appropriate patients who are experiencing incapacitation due to substance use or are experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms
  • NEW VISIONTM accepts traditional Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial insurance plans for inpatient treatment.
  • NEW VISIONTM begins with a medically supervised hospital stay for the inpatient treatment phase, which typically last 3 days.
  • NEW VISIONTM service has qualified hospital personnel, which include the following: Medical Director and Nursing Staff.

The past is yesterday, and cannot be changed. Today is made out of decisions that were made yesterday. Today's choices will help shape tomorrow, and tomorrow will be decided by actions of today.

Contact us in the following ways -  Phone: 618-332-5204 or Fax:618-332-5357.